Coreum Domains

Coreum Decentralized Domains (CDDs), identifiable by their ".core" suffix, mark a new era in domain ownership and control. Unlike traditional Web-2 domain systems where users typically rent domain names, CDDs, managed via smart contracts on the Coreum blockchain, offer users complete ownership. This approach to domain management represents a paradigm shift, emphasizing decentralization and user autonomy.

Functionality and User Ownership

CDDs provide exceptional flexibility and control, allowing users to directly map their domains to Coreum addresses, other domains, or any machine-readable identifiers. This capability enables a myriad of applications, from personal branding to intricate organizational structures. Furthermore, users can create multiple subdomains under their primary domain, each potentially leading to different digital destinations or resources.

Decentralization and Integration

The decentralized nature of CDDs on the Coreum blockchain guarantees that users maintain full authority over their domains. This integration within the Bidds platform is a testament to our commitment to embracing cutting-edge blockchain innovations, providing users with enhanced control and a future-proof domain solution.

Collaborative and Open Development

Beyond individual use, CDDs encourage collaborative and open development. Developers, creators, and entrepreneurs can build upon these domains to innovate and expand the Coreum ecosystem. This open-source approach fosters community-driven innovation, enriching the domain's utility and applications.

Referral Program, Community Involvement, and White Label Solutions

Bidds actively fosters community engagement with a referral program for CDDs. Users can share a unique link, earning a 6.9% commission in perpetuity for each new customer they onboard. Additionally, we offer white-label solutions for companies interested in providing Coreum Domains to the public. This arrangement allows companies to present these domains under their brand, with the benefit of receiving commissions for their sales efforts. This model not only promotes the widespread adoption of CDDs but also opens avenues for businesses to participate and profit in the expanding digital domain landscape.

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