Roadmap and Future Plan

Upcoming Features

  • Cross-Chain Communication through IBC: We're excited about enabling users to buy NFTs with any asset from any Cosmos-based chain, directly on Bidds. This means no more hassling with asset bridging to your Coreum wallet – a big step in making NFT trading more fluid and accessible.

  • Real-Time Data in the Marketplace: Say goodbye to constant page refreshing. We're enhancing our marketplace to show live updates. Every NFT listing, price change, or sale will be updated in real time, creating a more dynamic and responsive user experience.

  • Making OXP More Accessible: As previously mentioned, our focus is on getting OXP listed on major exchanges. We aim to create convenient ways for people to trade and use OXP, enhancing its utility and presence in the market.

Long-Term Goals

  • Integrating Additional Cosmos Chains: Our vision includes integrating more chains within the Cosmos network into Bidds, but only if it aligns with our goal to be the number one marketplace in the Cosmos ecosystem.

  • Support for Creators and Users: Continuously building a supportive and resource-rich environment for NFT creators and our community remains a top priority. We're committed to providing the best tools and opportunities for their success.

  • Staying Ahead Technologically: We plan to stay at the forefront of blockchain technology, adopting new features and innovations that emerge in the blockchain space, ensuring Bidds remains a cutting-edge marketplace.

Dedication to Coreum and the Cosmos Network

  • Boosting Coreum's NFT Scene: A significant part of our mission is centered on elevating Coreum as a primary destination for NFTs within the Cosmos network. We believe in Coreum's potential and are dedicated to showcasing its strengths.

  • Aiming High in Cosmos: Bidds strives to be a leading NFT marketplace within the Cosmos ecosystem. Leveraging the latest cross-chain features, we aim to enhance the overall user experience, making Bidds a top choice for NFT enthusiasts in the Cosmos network.

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